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A complete list of publications can be found here.


McElvain LE, Chen Y, Moore JD, Brigidi GS, Bloodgood BL, Lim BK, Costa RM, and Kleinfeld D. (2021) Specific populations of basal ganglia output neurons target distinct brain stem areas while collateralizing throughout the diencephalon. Neuron; 109(10): 1721-1738.

PREVIEW: Grillner S and Thompson WS. (2021) Basal ganglia reign through  downstream control of  motor centers in midbrain and brain stem while  updating cortex with efference copy information. Neuron; 109(10): 1587-1589.

Kodama T, Gittis A, Shin M, Kelleher K, Kolkman KE, McElvain LE, du Lac S. (2020) Graded coexpression of ion channel, neurofilament, and synaptic genes in Fast-Spiking vestibular nucleus neurons. J. Neurosci; 40(3):496-508.

Chen Y, McElvain LE, Tolpygo AS, Ferrant D, Friedman B, Mitra PP, Karten HJ, Freund Y, and Kleinfeld D. (2019) An active texture-based digital atlas enables automated mapping of structure and markers across brains. Nature Methods; 16(4): 341-350.

McElvain LE*, Friedman B*, Karten HJ, Svoboda K, Wang F, Deschênes M, and Kleinfeld D. (2018) Circuits in the rodent brainstem that control whisking in concert with other orofacial motor actions. Neuroscience, 368:152-170.

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McElvain LE, Bagnall MB, Sakatos A, du Lac S. (2010) Bidirectional plasticity gated by hyperpolarization controls the gain of postsynaptic firing responses at central vestibular nerve synapses. Neuron; 68(4): 763-775.

PREVIEW: Medina JF. (2010). A recipe for bidirectional motor learning: using  inhibition to cook plasticity and the vestibular nuclei. Neuron; 68(4): 607-609.

Bagnall MW, McElvain LE, Faulstich M, du Lac S. (2008) Frequency-independent synaptic transmission supports a linear vestibular behavior. Neuron; 60(2):343-52.

Wang JT*, McElvain LE*, Whelan SP. (2007) Vesicular stomatitis virus mRNA capping machinery requires specific cis-acting signals in the RNA. J Virology; 81(20):11499-506.

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